Pickling Paste Stainless Steel Pickling Paste Passivation Gel VK JELLY
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VK Neutralizer Pickling Passivation Neutralizing Compound

Advanced Neutralizing product for VK `Fumeless' Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation Gel Paste Chemicals VK NEUTRALIZER

Advanced Neutralizing Aid for VK Pickling Passivation Chemicals

VK® Neutralizer is an advanced neutralizing aid for VK chemical products.After using this product, the water solution of spent VK chemicals can be discarded in municipal sewage system without any environmental pollution.

VK Neutralizer is environment eco friendly and Safe product for pickling passivation solution treatment.





  1. Very safe to use without any safety measures. Ecofriendly and Safe product.

  2. Easy to apply

  3. Reaction products produced can be safely discarded without causing environmental pollution

  4. Longer shelf life.

  5. Removes environmental pollution problems associated with pickling & passivation.
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